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Making plans for ‘after the game’

The new partnership between ONE Capital Management and the David Eccles School of Business aims to help athletes.

There are some pretty sobering statistics for professional athletes upon retirement. They are four times more likely to file for bankruptcy than the average citizen. Up to 75% will experience financial distress within two years of retiring. After the Game aims to change that. This new partnership between ONE Capital Management and the David Eccles School of Business helps athletes make smart financial and investment decisions while they play, and transition to new careers and educational opportunities when they retire.

The first major step will come this summer, as the Eccles School hosts athletes here on campus for a weeklong Summer Business Combine July 13-17. Participants will learn skills like contract negotiation and investment evaluation to help them make smart financial decisions so they can find stability upon retirement. They’ll get coaching and strengths assessment from the Business Career Services team to help them transition into their next career. And they’ll get to visit startups and learn how to evaluate investment opportunities with the Lassonde Entrepreneurship Institute.

The program plans to expand well beyond the summer combine. Plans include offering degree programs to athletes who were unable to attend college—or who were unable to complete their degree—as well as their spouses and partners, who are often unable to attend school regularly as they follow their partner on trades and moves. The program will offer flexible class options, both on-line and in-person, to allow students to complete their program in their spare time. Other offerings include certifications and executive education options that will help athletes gain marketable skills they can use while they play and after they retire and transition to a new career.

To learn more about After the Game, and for registration information for the Summer Business Combine, visit