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Meet your 2016-17 ASUU leaders and learn about their goals for the year.


My name is Jack Bender, and I am the student body president for this academic year. I would like to introduce my administration and tell you what we have planned for the year. From feedback in recent years, we have created three main goals:

  1. Transparency of student fees and how they are used
  2. Student engagement and involvement in the University of Utah community
  3. Building a new and improved ASUU to fit with students today

My administration has been working hard to create an inclusive space for students to collaborate and have fun while working on their academics. Stop by ASUU, Union 234, and we will personally set you on a path to a more fulfilling college experience. Visit to learn more about what ASUU offers.

Platform: Our platform starts with three basic goals: Lower and appropriate student fees, drive university and community engagement and develop and promote the identity of ASUU.
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Joining ASUU has given Jack Bender a home away from home. Originally from New York, he came to the University of Utah without knowing anyone. When he joined ASUU, Bender met many people, many of whom he now calls his closest friends.
“ASUU creates new experiences for students that would not be available outside of our college environment,” he says. He believes there is a place for all students to get involved through ASUU and benefit from all of its resources no matter what their major or interests.

Bender joined ASUU his first year of college. He started as the videographer/photographer, became the director of marketing, and then campaigned for president. Bender has been involved in Greek life and has worked at University Marketing and Communications and for the S.J. Quinney College of Law. Bender plans to graduate in spring 2017 with a degree in film and media arts, a minor in technology in the arts and a certificate in entrepreneurship. He plans to work in marketing and wants to grow his golf business. Bender is most excited to see positive growth in the student government and see changes that will help students for many years after his term ends.[/bs_col][/bs_row][/bs_well]

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Matthew Miller was born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah. Miller is a junior at the U and a lifelong Ute. He is majoring in economics and minoring in chemistry and plans to go to medical school. Miller graduated from East High school in 2011 and was on the tennis team.

He got involved on campus by joining Sigma Chi and becoming involved in ASUU, serving as a member of Freshman Council and the Government Relations Board. He then left for two years to serve a mission in Hungary. He has since served as associate director of the ASUU Finance Board and Community Service Board.

Miller is also very involved in the community. He has coached high school tennis and served as a math and science tutor at East High School. He volunteered with Unite for Sight in Honduras as a medical assistant. Miller is currently applying to medical school and hoping to enroll in the fall of 2017. His favorite experiences at the U include involvement in ASUU, the MUSS and Student Alumni Board, internships with the Hinckley Institute, living in the Honors College and being a part of Sigma Chi.[/bs_col][/bs_row][/bs_well]

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Born and raised in Maui, Hawaii, Jessica Patterson came to the U as a ballet major to pursue a career in dance. After spending her first year in the department, she decided to change her major to strategic communications, pick up a business administration minor, and become more involved on campus. She joined a sorority, Kappa Kappa Gamma, and immediately began meeting students who were involved in every type of organization on campus, leading her to jump at the opportunity to serve her fellow students and the university as vice president of Student Relations when she was asked to run last fall. If Patterson could share one piece of advice with the students at the U, it would be that it is never too late to get involved on campus.

“I got a late start in ASUU because I didn’t seek out the incredible opportunities that our student government has to offer,” she says. “Instead, I was lucky enough to have the opportunity come to me. I would advise students to be proactive about their involvement and aspire to serve their campus community for the majority of their college careers. It is an incredibly rewarding experience, and you meet some of the most inspiring student leaders by simply being brave and getting involved.”[/bs_col][/bs_row][/bs_well]

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Hans Harris is a junior in the business program. It is his tremendous pleasure to serve as ASUU’s chief of staff for this school year, and he looks forward to conversations with as many students as possible throughout the year.

As an out-of-state student, Harris understands the anxiety and frustration that might accompany any students’ beginnings at the U. Getting involved is (and he truly means it) the best way to ensure your time here enriches both your academic and personal life. ASUU offers students an opportunity to get involved in so many areas.[/bs_col][/bs_row][/bs_well]