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Keeping you ‘In Good Health’

Customized health news you want when you want it.

In the face of rapidly changing information, reliable health news is more important than ever. From COVID-19 to community health, and blockbuster research studies to easily digestible consumer content, readers want information that’s current, widely sourced, trustworthy and personalized.

That’s what sets In Good Health apart. University of Utah Health’s monthly email allows subscribers to customize their topics so they only receive the news that matches their interests—the right content delivered to the right person at the right time.

The articles that comprise In Good Health’s nearly 40 categories come from a mixture of peer-reviewed journals, national medical news outlets, and U of U Health’s own content platforms. All articles are 30-60 days old and reviewed first by our content partner’s in-house team of physicians and counsel, then by U of U Health providers and experts.

Popular channels like Scope Radio and HealthFeed are represented, along with custom U of U Health-curated topics like Wellness Hub and Research. Other popular topics include Healthy Diet, Exercise & Fitness, along with Men’s and Women’s Health—straightforward categories that encompass everything from timely updates on the COVID-19 pandemic to well-being tips anyone can put into practice.

The In Good Health email newsletter aims to build trust with audiences that know us (like U of U Health employees, all of whom received an invitation to subscribe this year), create trust with new audiences (prospective patients and community members), and drive consideration to our services.

The insights that U of U Health’s Marketing & Communications department has gleaned from several months of In Good Health analytics helps to deliver more strategic and customized communications. Nearly 95% of subscribers consider the health information in the newsletter valuable, while 75% consider the information relevant to their health interests.

If you haven’t logged in yet to customize your topics and personalize your health news, then click here to do so. Then, expect your personalized newsletter to arrive in your inbox around the 15th of each month with new articles and updated content.

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