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Honor, celebrate and engage with intersecting identities every day, 12 months a year.

Graphic reads IntersectX12 in large font in the center. the top right corner reads, "Intersect X twelve," and under that is an arrow which reads 2021-2022. the bottom left corner reads "Honor + Celebrate + Engage with our communities every day - 12 months a year.Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion at the U is excited to announce IntersectX12 (intersect times twelve): A new brand, initiative and way of thinking about all the many nationally recognized months, weeks and days intended to honor and celebrate various heritages and identities.

“Each of these designated months—Black History Month (BHM) and Hispanic Heritage Month (HHM), for example—were born at different moments of time (BHM 1915, HHM 1968) and have distinct content and context in terms of institutionalizing representation,” said Mary Ann Villarreal, vice president for EDI. “We want to preserve the legacy of what heritage months represent, but more importantly thread the histories of our communities through the longer narrative that we call U.S. history.”

With that in mind, the EDI team developed IntersectX12 to serve as a consistent reminder to honor, celebrate and engage with individuals’ unique, complex, intersecting identities every day, 12 months a year.

“As we work to foster a campus environment that centers belonging in all that we do, we have to actively create a culture reflective of all that we are in every space across campus, not just bring attention during specific months that celebrate one part of lived experience or generational history,” said Villarreal.

“We want everyone to begin to think and learn about underrepresented identities each day as they interact with new people in the campus community,” said Pamela Bishop, marketing and communications director for EDI. “Only then, with new appreciation and understanding, can we truly begin establishing a culture of belonging and becoming a model for campus equity, diversity and inclusion.”

Look for the IntersectX12 logo on events across campus and connect with EDI if you would like to learn more about incorporating IntersectX12 into your campus events.