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IntersectX12: Native American heritage

November may be over, but honoring Native American heritage is not.

IntersectX12 (Intersect times twelve)

This November, the University of Utah recognized, celebrated and honored Native American Heritage Month with several events and important conversations. As we enter December, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) reminds all of us to continue learning about and engaging with individuals’ unique, complex, intersecting identities every day, 12 months a year with its IntersectX12 initiative.

“I am grateful to the American Indian Resource Center (AIRC) and all our campus partners who hosted powerful, meaningful, events during November, and we hope the momentum continues year-round,” said Mary Ann Villarreal, vice president for EDI. “To our Native faculty, staff and students, thank you. As a campus, we will continue to back up the words in our Indigenous Land Acknowledgment with action.”

Look for the IntersectX12 (intersect times 12) logo on events across campus. EDI leaders hope it will serve as a way of thinking about underrepresented identities with new appreciation and understanding as we work together to establish a culture of belonging.

In case you missed them, find recordings of some of this year’s Native American Heritage Month Events below.

Learn more about the U’s relationship with the Ute Tribe here, and get acquainted with many of the outstanding Native members of the U community here.