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The English Language Institute offers a variety of resources for the campus and community.

By Jodi Emery, senior marketing and communications director, Continuing Education

The English Language Institute at the University of Utah is probably best known for its English language classes designed for international students who want to attend American universities and must pass the TOEFL, or Test of English as a Foreign Language.

However, the English Language Institute offers a variety of additional resources for the campus and community.

English for Special Purposes Classes


Students from Mexico, South Korea and Dominican Republic taking part in a spelling bee.

Many university programs use technical terms and seem to have a language all their own. To help students succeed in these specialized programs, the English Language Institute offers “special purposes” classes that focus on specific vocabulary, topics and issues related to certain subjects. Participants also have an opportunity to attend a university class in their field.

ELI currently offers English for Business, Medical Terminology, English for Engineering, English for Social Work and English for Physics.

If you have international students in your department who struggle with terminology specific to their studies, ELI can design a special program for you. More information is available here.

Intensive Pre-academic Preparation

This program helps international students already accepted into an American university brush up on their English language skills. It also introduces them to the local culture through a host family and a variety of activities.

The next course is scheduled for Aug. 3-14, 2015.

Recreational English

ELI takes learning English learning beyond the classroom with recreational English programs that combine traditional classwork with local recreational opportunities and assignments that immerse students into the culture and help them interact with local residents.

The next course, Explore Utah, is July 13-Aug. 7, 2015 and takes students to scenic locations around the state, including Arches National Park and Dead Horse Point State Park.

Teacher Training

For those looking to become language teachers, ELI offers teacher-training programs that give future teachers the opportunity to attend intensive English classes with international students as well as classes focused on teaching issues. Participants will lead two activities in an ELI class with international students and hear from experienced teachers from public schools, members of the Utah Board of Education and other professionals.


University faculty and staff tuition benefit policies apply to many of our courses, so please see our website or call 801-581-4600 for more information.