HR updates

Do the right thing—report suspected fraud or abuse

The university is committed to the highest standards of ethical conduct and encourages employees and others to report any dishonest or improper act that violates the law, wastes money or endangers public health or safety. Employees are encouraged to report suspected improprieties to their supervisor or to a higher authority if the supervisor is involved.  Also, the university has an ongoing contract with EthicsPoint, a private company, to administer an ethics and compliance hotline: 888-206-6025 or online at EthicsPoint. This service ensures confidentiality and provides 24/7 availability.

Hotline reports are regularly investigated and often assist university leaders to halt improper behavior, address policy violations and resolve other problems. Past reports have been instrumental in correcting issues such as misuse of university resources and unauthorized hiring of relatives.

If you suspect or know of fraud or abuse, report it to management. If you feel unable to communicate your concerns directly to management or another appropriate university department, use the hotline. Provide details—names, dates, times, amounts, circumstances, witnesses, etc. You can even check back and respond to questions from the person investigating your report without divulging your identity.

2019 Resolutions

Is financial wellness on your to-do list for 2019?

  • See the newsletter from the university’s EAP provider for tips on budgeting and taking baby steps to financial peace.
  • Contribute to or increase your contribution to one of the University’s Supplemental Retirement Plans. Log into UBenefits at
  • Complete the requirements to participate in the WellU program beginning July 1, 2019, to save $40 per month on health plan premiums. See the details and requirements on the WellU web page.

Total Compensation Statement

Do you know what your total compensation from the university was for 2018?  You can see your individual statement of compensation and benefits paid during 2018 by logging into UBenefits. Click on the link at the top of your UBenefits homepage.