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Forever Utah: Connecting U alumni across generations

Connect with your U community and share career advice and contacts.

The University of Utah, through the alumni engagement community across campus, is launching a new networking and mentorship platform that aims to bring together U alumni, students, faculty and staff in a tangible, exclusive university network. You’re invited to connect with your U community, share career advice and contacts, enable worthwhile mentorship and generate increased interest in U events and academic achievements.

It’s called the Forever Utah Alumni Network, and we encourage all faculty and staff to register. You don’t have to be an alum to take advantage of the network—connect with fellow faculty and staff, or consider the option to assist students and recent grads in their career aspirations.

As we roll out the Forever Utah Network, we’re focused on three primary themes:

Connect. Share. Inspire.

  • Connect with students and fellow faculty, staff, and alums worldwide.
  • Share your experience, form mentoring relationships, expand your professional network, and explore career opportunities.
  • Inspire current students, new grads, fellow faculty and staff, and U alumni to achieve academic and career success.

Staff and faculty can get insider access to networking opportunities and campus news from colleagues across departments, invitations to join affinity groups within the platform, and opportunities to connect with members of the U community you haven’t met.

Every school or college on campus is encouraged to start a group on the platform, and many already have. Departments and other U organizations may also form groups or sub-groups on the Forever Utah Network. The platform is also capable of handling all types of mentoring, from casual, one-time career-specific conversations to very structured, milestone-based programs within specific disciplines. There’s a built-in algorithm that suggests matches between mentees and mentors to jump-start and simplify the process.

To register, go to For details on becoming a group admin, please contact or