By Amy Mciff, University of Utah Auxiliary Business Development

In an effort to improve service, affordability and convenience in copying and printing on campus, the university will partner with Xerox Corporation in a five-year agreement to provide managed print service solutions to the campus community.

Following an extensive RFP process by a cross-functional team including Student Affairs, the Office of Budget and Analysis, U Health Hospitals and Clinics, UIT and Auxiliary Services, Xerox was selected as the university’s exclusive Managed Print Services (MPS) partner to better serve students, faculty and staff.

Once fully executed, the partnership is intended to coordinate, centralize and streamline the selection and placement of proper hardware, parts and supplies (excluding paper and staples), and improve equipment maintenance and servicing. Implementation of this campus-wide initiative is estimated to take two to three years but early adopters of the program may be engaged as soon as this fall.

Throughout the implementation phase, Xerox will work directly with departments, offices and the various divisions of campus to understand their needs and develop a suitable equipment configuration, transition schedule and scope of service needs.

Xerox is a multidimensional service provider with the ability to work with all brands of printers and copiers. Offices with existing, non-Xerox copier equipment in its beginning or mid-life stage may continue to use that equipment under the new MPS system until it needs to be replaced. Early adoption of the system is available to offices with Xerox and non-Xerox equipment alike.

The campus Xerox system will operate as a cost-per-copy program, where machines will be placed by the vendor for the cost-per-copy price, rather than a purchase or lease. A major area of focus will be implementing a “Print Anywhere” feature, making printing fast and convenient from any location on campus.

Xerox has a significant presence in higher education and counts the University of Michigan, the University of Florida, Purdue University, the University of Southern California, Wayne State University and the University of California, Los Angeles, among its clients.

Early adoption of the MPS system is encouraged, as those customers will be the first to enjoy the enhanced efficiency, service and cost savings that the U – Xerox MPS program aims to provide. Those interested in early adoption may contact Eric Goodrich at 801-554-8280 or Questions or inquiries about the partnership may also be directed to Daniel Archer at 801-581-7028 or

To communicate with the Xerox Corporation, please contact Patricia Bopp at 213-804-7554 or