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Final commute of fall 2019

Fuel up for a successful finals week.

To keep students on the road to success this finals week, here are some quick parking and transportation tips from Commuter Services.

Psst! Keep reading for info on free food and drinks. 

SafeRide extended hours

For many students, finals week is not complete without a late-night study session at the Marriott Library. However, for some, being on campus at night brings an uneasy feeling. As the pressure of finals week weighs heavy on students, the last thing they should worry about is getting to their parked vehicle or dorm safely. To help students feel more comfortable on campus at night, SafeRide will match the Marriott Library’s closing time—meaning it will run until 1 a.m. on Monday, Dec. 2, through Thursday, Dec. 5, and until 2 a.m. on Monday, Dec. 9, through Thursday, Dec. 12.

Note: SafeRide does not operate on weekends. 

Students can request a SafeRide to and from most locations on campus by downloading the TapRide app from the App Store or Google Play. Visit the SafeRide website for more information.


Free complimentary parking, provided by Commuter Services, is available to students after 6 p.m. in the Marriott Library and Union pay lots on Friday, Dec. 6, and Monday, Dec. 9, through Friday, Dec. 13.

Students with U permits may park in designated A permit parking lots after 3 p.m. This allows students to park in lots closer to main campus during evening hours. Not all lots have this accommodation, so please read posted signage carefully.

Still can’t find a parking spot? Try the Guardsman lot, which accepts U permits, is rarely full and is a short walk to main campus.

Free food and drinks

Just like cars and other machines, your brain needs fuel to function. Thanks to a partnership between Pepsi Co. and Commuter Services, free drinks and snacks will be available to students. Stop by one of three campus locations to fuel up, get a high-five and some words of encouragement.

Wherever you park, stop by a fueling station so you don’t test on an empty stomach:

  • Rice-Eccles Stadium tunnel
  • Business Loop
  • Merrill Engineering lot

Fueling stations will operate from 8 a.m.-1 p.m. on Dec. 9-11.

Here’s what we’ll offer to fuel your finals week:

Coffee and hot chocolate

What would finals week be without coffee? It’s no secret—coffee is a key part of the finals survival kit. Stop by a fueling station and grab a cup of joe to enhance focus and concentration before your exam. Not a fan of coffee? No worries, hot chocolate is also available to students seeking a warm and cozy drink.

Pepsi drinks

No event on the U campus is quite complete without Pepsi Co. Our gracious sponsors will provide a variety of drinks to quench the thirst of any anxious test-taker. Some drinks will contain caffeine, which boosts alertness. And of course, plain old water, whose health benefits are absolutely vital, will be available. Whatever you drink, staying hydrated is extremely important for mental and overall health.

Oats and dark chocolate bars

Oats and dark chocolate bars are a great two-for-one snack because they contain brain-boosting nutrients. Not only does dark chocolate have antioxidants and natural caffeine, but it also provides flavonoids that help with learning and memory. As a bonus, oats contain slow-burning carbohydrates that release sugar into the bloodstream, making for a long-lasting source of energy.


You may already know that oranges contain a powerful amount of vitamin C. What you may not know is that your body doesn’t naturally produce vitamin C. So, it is essential to get your daily intake of this very important and helpful vitamin to protect healthy brain cells and prevent mental decline. In addition, oranges contain fructose which is an effective source of energy.


When preparing for an exam drives you nuts, sometimes the best thing to do is just eat them. Nuts are a great source of vitamin E, which may prevent cognitive decline by shielding cell membranes from free radical damage. Nuts also contain other nutrients like healthy fats and antioxidants and are friendly to most diets, from vegan to keto and even low-fat diets.

Best of luck, students. We look forward to keeping you fueled this finals week.