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Fall 2021 Move-in Week

At the beginning of this 2021-22 academic year, Housing & Residential Education will welcome its largest class of residents.

Welcome to campus living to our fellow 2021-22 students. We're Sam Dalton, a fourth-year Housing & Residential Education resident, and Sydney Myers, a second-year resident. Together, we've put together the following tips and tricks as Housing & Residential Education's Move-in Week approaches Aug. 17-19, 2021. After an uncertain and difficult year filled with many changes and unknowns, we are excited to welcome a new cohort of students to campus.

At the beginning of this 2021-22 academic year, Housing & Residential Education (HRE) will welcome our largest class of residents at nearly 4,200 students to live on campus. Welcome!

Housing & Residential Education is looking forward to helping you make campus your new home and fostering a place where students can live, develop and succeed. To help you feel prepared to move in this August, we’ve compiled information for you to refer to regarding move-in day procedures, COVID-19 regulations and personal experiences from current residents.

Sam's top tips

  1. Sam Dalton, a fourth-year HRE resident.

    Decide who is coming to help early. HRE asks that you limit your group to only the people that you absolutely need to move in. Review the move-in plan with the folks who are coming with you. Make sure everyone understands their jobs and are ready to help. When I first moved to college, I brought my grandpa and my mom. With just the three of us, I was unloaded and moved in less than three trips. We even brought our own wagon to move supplies, which made it easier since we didn’t have to find a red cart. If you don’t have your own wagon, don’t worry. HRE will be there to help you find the tools to make moving your items easy.

  2. Arrive on time. Find your move-in time on the moving-in webpage and prepare for the trip to campus. It took my family 45 minutes to arrive on campus, so we left one hour before my move-in time. If you have questions about your move-in time, contact HRE.
  3. Create a move-in packing plan. Determine what order you’ll pack everything in. I packed my clothes and personal items first, then school supplies, mementos and, lastly, any large items like the mini-fridge, storage bins and vacuum.”

Sydney's top tips

  1. Sydney Myers, a second-year HRE resident.

    Do your research. In the weeks leading up to move-in day, I watched lots of YouTube videos about the college experience to prepare. Housing & Residential Education has a YouTube account that features residential tips from current students. Be sure to check out the HRE website for all kinds of residential information including policies, your housing account, campus resources and much more. I remember reading several of the Living Room Blog (LINK) posts from current students before I moved to campus, which helped me plan and learn about student resources.

  2. Create a packing list. Decide what items you are bringing to college and what items you could get rid of. This helps you not only be organized for move-in day, but it will also help you to remember everything you want to bring. There are plenty of sample lists online that can help you brainstorm, and be sure to check out our sample packing list. Before I moved to campus, I had lots of junk that could be given away or sold. By getting rid of these things, I minimized the number of trips I needed to take and added some cash to my pocket.
  3. Say hello and introduce yourself. Most everybody will be new to their space as well, so don’t be shy to meet other students. Be sure to attend move-in events and meet people there as well. I met most of my current friends during the move-in week and it made me feel at home in a new environment. These students may just end up being your closest friends and colleagues that make this year one of the best experiences.

Continue reading for everything you need to know about Move-in Week.

COVID-19 & Community Responsibility

As you prepare to move into your new home on campus, there are a few important COVID-19-related items to keep in mind.

  1. We understand that COVID-19 is still very real, and we encourage all students to be vaccinated to keep our campus community safe.
  2. All residents will be required to be tested for COVID-19 upon arrival during their check-in time.
  3. While face coverings are not required on campus, we strongly encourage those who are not yet vaccinated to wear a face covering as they remain an effective means against the spread of COVID-19. We also encourage vaccinated individuals to follow CDC guidance regarding face coverings. The University of Utah is a mask-friendly campus. Learn more about how the University of Utah is responding to COVID-19 here.

Move-In Day Steps

Step 1: Know your assigned arrival time

  • All residents were sent an assigned arrival time for August 17, 18 or 19. This time is also posted on our Fall Move-In webpage. Residents should arrive at their assigned arrival time and proceed directly to our central check-in location, the A. Ray Olpin Union building.

Step 2: At your assigned time, check in at the Union

  • Upon arrival at the Union, residents will complete a COVID-19 test, receive their welcome packet, room key, and UCard (if applicable). Visit for directions to the Union.
  • Prior to your check-in day, you will receive a check-in QR code by email. Please have it readily available on your phone or as a printout.
  • Only students will be able to enter the check-in center.

Step 3: Head to your area’s unloading zone

  • After picking up your welcome packet and key, exit the check-in center parking lot and proceed to your area’s designated unloading zone. Maps and directions can be found on the Housing & Residential Education website.
  • Vehicles can remain in unloading zone parking lots for up to 2.5 hours, however, we encourage you to move your vehicle as soon as you finish unloading to reduce move-in traffic.

Step 4: Move your vehicle to the institute parking lot

  • After unloading your items, vehicles that will be staying on campus should be moved to the institute parking lot for the duration of move-in week, August 17-19, so that other residents moving in are able to utilize their area’s unloading zone. Shuttles and after-hours Safe Rides will be available.
  • To help us have a successful move-in week, stick to our move-in motto: “Roll up. Unload. Roll out!”

Move-In Tips for Current Residents

We understand that the move-in process can be both stressful and very exciting, no matter how many times you do it. Once you know where you are going, we recommend creating a move-in day plan. Here are some helpful planning tips that we’ve found to help move-in go as smoothly as possible!

Whether this is your first or last move-in day, it helps to be prepared and have a clear plan of how you will move forward. As we prepare to welcome nearly 4,200 residents to campus, please know that we are here for you! If you have questions about your move-in process or the residential experience, contact the HRE office from 8 a.m.- 5 p.m. (MST).

We can’t wait to welcome you home!