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Newly updated university Faculty Profiles has officially launched with the goal of presenting a single, unified view of all faculty members.

We are pleased to announce that newly updated university Faculty Profiles has officially launched. Our goal is to have Faculty Profiles present a single, unified view of all faculty members. These profiles are intended to enhance the university’s overall web presence by making it easy to locate faculty members as part of one university system. These profiles, however, are not intended to replace departmental or research websites.

After very few changes in the past 10 years, the Faculty Data Steering Committee recommended revamping the Faculty Profiles to create a better overall look and feel and to allow more natural viewing on a wide variety of devices. We worked with University Marketing & Communications and faculty focus group sessions for over a year on the design.

What’s changing?

  • New and modernized look and feel.
  • New homepage that allows you to identify “Selected Works” that enables users to pick and choose highlights from different categories of activities.
  • Ability to select higher resolution photos and different sizes.

What other changes can we expect?

  • Customizable sub-pages
  • Other options based on faculty feedback

Who does this affect?

Each tenure and career line faculty member is recommended to have a minimum profile that includes:

  • A public-facing CV
  • Education
  • Biographical statement
  • Selected publication or creative works
  • Research summary (if applicable)
  • A photo (professional photos are currently being taken on a college by college basis)

Does this effect Find a Doctor profiles?

  • Faculty members who already maintain a Find a Doctor or academic profile through the Mission-Based Management Information System (MBM IS) are not affected as MBM IS profiles are automatically used for these purposes.

How are Faculty Profiles utilized?

  • Faculty Profiles are linked from the class schedule to allow students to find out about potential instructors; they are also linked from the public-facing Find a Researcher tool that performs indexing and facilitates searches for collaboration. Information displayed on the profiles is extended from the Annual Activity Report (FAR) or can be manually entered into the profile system. Faculty members and their delegates continue to have control over which information is visible on his/herprofile.

How can I access my profile?

How do I submit feedback on the new design?

  • We welcome and encourage your feedback to help build the best possible system.
  • You can contact us directly by clicking on the instant chat icon in the bottom right of your web browser when logged into the Faculty Profile system.
  • You can also click to send feedback directly to

 How do university Faculty Profiles relate to departmental websites?

  • The data within the Faculty Profiles and the Annual Activity Report (FAR) are recommended to be the source system to provide data for faculty appointment and activity data for public-facing websites. Following this model allows faculty members to update their information in one place and have it connect to college and departments for their purposes. This data has been made available to college and department webmasters so they can dynamically pull faculty data to display within their uniquely branded websites. Please contact Eric Lippincott at for more details.