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Main campus Union Programming Council is helping Asia Campus create programming of its own.

The Union Programming Council (UPC) at the A. Ray Olpin University Union is currently training a group of 30 Utah Asia Campus students and has created a new board specifically for the UAC.

University Asia Campus Programming Board

This new endeavor is currently led by Chelsea Sather, senior studying strategic communication and member of the main campus UPC. As director of the new UAC board, Sather’s main goal is to assist the students in Asia to increase awareness and opportunities for educational and social pursuits at the Utah Asia Campus.

“The Union Programming Council has been an integral part of my undergrad experience and I am thrilled to share my knowledge,” Sather said. “I want the students that come here to Utah, to learn how to create their own community where student involvement is an integral part of their education. Being involved in UPC on main campus has been so impactful to me and I’m excited to help build a community culture for campus life on the Asia campus.”

As an extension to this new partnership the new UAC board seeks to establish student-driven programming that promotes community, a sense of belonging and increases the retention rates of students at the UAC.

The training the students receive while here on main campus will teach them how to program events and share opportunities for building a closer-knit community. While in Utah, the students attended a tailgating party before the San Jose football game. Many were introduced to local games like cornhole for the first time and were able to socialize with main campus students. They also experienced a Utah football home victory.

In the spring of 2018, Sather will travel to the Utah Asia Campus to help create and establish the Union Programming Council there. Through developing activities and creating new programming, she hopes to build community. We wish Chelsea Sather, UPC, and UAC all the best as they continue to build and strengthen this relationship.

About University Asia Campus

The University of Utah Asia Campus (UAC) in Incheon Korea was established in 2014 to fully prepare global students with the knowledge and expertise needed to succeed in their chosen careers through critical thinking skills. With the same program requirements as the main campus, the UAC offers an American university experience in a global setting with all classes taught in English by University of Utah professors. Students applying to the UAC meet the same admission standards as the main campus, spend one year in Salt Lake City and receive a University of Utah degree upon graduation.

The UAC offers four undergraduate degrees in, communication, psychology, digital media arts, and urban ecology as well as two graduate degrees in biomedicine and public health. Anyone can apply and students from the U main campus are able to visit and study at the Utah Asia Campus.