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Commuter success story: Aida Berry

Getting around Salt Lake with UTA is easier than you think.

“Riding TRAX Red Line to the University of Utah gives me a nostalgic feeling. Hearing the voice-recording announce the TRAX stops reminds me of the days when I wrote essays, studied for exams and read articles while commuting to campus. I earned my bachelor’s in biology a few years ago and now I’m back at the U pursuing a master’s degree. Though a lot has changed since I was an undergrad, one thing that has stayed the same is my love for riding UTA. Who doesn’t like saving money, reducing CO2 emissions and avoiding the stresses of driving?

Some people hate raisins, or spiders or perhaps going to the dentist. I personally hate dealing with traffic, which is why I choose to UTA whenever possible. Not only do I ride TRAX to class, but I also use other UTA transportation modes on the weekends when I run errands. Believe it or not, but you can go to almost any popular Salt Lake location via UTA.

Here’s my guide to getting around Salt Lake Valley through UTA

Going to a mall? Hop on the TRAX Blue Line to get to City Creek and the Gateway Mall. You can also ride the Green Line to visit the Valley Fair Mall or the Red Line to get to Trolley Square.  

Going to a park?  Several bus routes go near popular parks, including my favorites like Liberty Park, Sugarhouse Park and Memory Grove.

Going to a restaurant? Though there are so many different popular food spots you can get to through UTA, check out 400 South, which has many restaurants ranging from coffee shops to casual dining.

Going to a grocery store? You can access a few different grocery stores on the TRAX Red Line. Smith’s, Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods are located near the Trolley Station.

Getting around Salt Lake with UTA is easier than you think. All you need is your UCard, the Transit app, some patience and a good book to read onboard. Once you get comfortable with the public transportation system, you’ll learn how to venture out and try different routes. Eventually, you’ll find yourself riding UTA on your days off, like me!”

                                                           — Aida Berry, prospective graduate student