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New partnership with PepsiCo will quench thirst and bring internships and scholarships to campus.

By Amy McIff, Communications Manager, Auxiliary Business Development

In a unique and unprecedented agreement with the University of Utah, PepsiCo Inc. has been named the university’s official beverage provider, effective July 1.

PepsiCo brings to campus an extraordinarily diverse portfolio of products including Gatorade, Mountain Dew, Starbucks, Aquafina, craft sodas and many other products, in addition to Pepsi-Cola and its classic soda lineup.

Beyond a robust and health-conscious product offering, the partnership yields a multitude of benefits for the university community, placing a particular focus on students. As part of the agreement, PepsiCo will fund a number of internships and scholarships, a brand ambassador program and other career development opportunities. Efforts supporting sustainability and a recycling program aim to boost engagement at the broader U community level.

“We’re excited to begin our partnership with PepsiCo, a world-class organization that has made great efforts to integrate with our campus and support our students,” said John Nixon, vice president for Administrative Services for the University of Utah. “This contract will provide roughly 200 scholarships, helping our students with financial needs and those whose academic success merits recognition.”

The agreement was forged with careful attention to detail, even addressing the iconic PepsiCo label whose royal blue color may be slightly off-putting to Utah fans. U administrators collaborated with the PepsiCo team to develop co-branded signage and collateral — a first for PepsiCo who heretofore has never removed their classic blue color or allowed co-branding at this level. Vending machines, coolers and other retail hardware will incorporate both PepsiCo and U logos without the blue background that just wouldn’t look quite right on Utah’s campus.

“As a proud Ute alumni and on behalf of PepsiCo, I’m thrilled for the opportunity to make some of PepsiCo’s most iconic and innovative brands available to the University of Utah community,” said Kirk Tanner, president and chief operating officer of North America Beverages at PepsiCo. “The university has my personal commitment to bring the absolute best that PepsiCo has to offer to this new partnership.”

The physical transition from Coca-Cola to PepsiCo will begin on July 1 and continue throughout the month as beverage products, coolers and machines are swapped in and out. PepsiCo and the university anticipate executing a seamless transition but ask for your patience as the process takes place.

Any questions about the transition or the ordering of PepsiCo products going forward may be directed to the individuals below.

Pepsi services, orders and deliveries:
Joe Musgrove, PepsiCo
Office: 801-972-7415
Cell: 801-633-9492

University of Utah contract managers:
Brett Eden, Auxiliary Services
Office: 801-581-8298
Cell: 801-367-1788

Collin Simmons, Auxiliary Services
Office: 801-213-8795
Cell: 801-842-5340