By Jeremy Wilkerson, communications specialist, A. Ray Olpin Union Building

Have you ever noticed how many lampposts are on campus? Well there are more than a hundred, and counting. Why should you care? Advertising via lamppost banners on campus is making a comeback and now is the time to reserve advertising space for the spring semester.

In an attempt to simplify and speed up the process, the Union Administration office is now the one-stop shop on campus to reserve lamppost banners. Visit the Union’s website, where you can view all banner locations and procedures as well as submit a reservation.

“For many years, most of the campus has been aware there are banner poles on many of the lampposts on our campus,” said Union Director Whit Hollis. “What you may not know is that the management of these poles has gone through many changes over the years.  We are sure this caused some confusion, and resulted in many opportunities not being used.  Hopefully this latest move will help simplify the process as well as help make marketing on campus more organized and assist departments and student organizations with their marketing efforts.”

Intended for maximum campus coverage, lampposts have been divided into zones and spread across campus. Banners are a great way to advertise your department’s promotions and events to the entire campus community.

Each banner zone can be reserved for an entire semester and reservations are available to any student organization or University of Utah department.  The Union will pick up, install and maintain all lamppost banners.

To make sure the new reservation system runs smoothly, the Union has hired a new employee whose primary job will be to maintain and monitor all campus lamppost banners. The Union’s hope is to provide a convenient and hassle-free way to advertise your department’s programs on a campus-wide platform.

For any questions regarding reservations please contact the Union communications specialist, Jeremy Wilkerson at 801-585-5035 or