Beware of retirement plan scams

Recently, several University of Utah employees contacted human resources regarding communications they received from individuals stating that they had been authorized to provide retirement advice to Utah Retirement Systems retirement plan participants.

Neither the university nor our retirement plan vendors will disclose contact information for university employees.

Individuals should always be cautious when they receive solicitations regarding finances. The only entities authorized by the university to work with university employees on retirement issues are Fidelity Investments, TIAA and Utah Retirement Systems. Those companies do not hire or contract with other companies or individuals to provide consultation services.

What to look for:

  • Valid emails will come from an address ending in “”
  • Any link provided in the email should only take you to
  • Valid emails will NOT include the following or similar disclaimer:
    • All licensed representatives are not employees of the college or the state retirement system.

All retirement plan vendors offer free, confidential one-on-one sessions for university employees.  Meet with a Fidelity or TIAA representative to review your retirement readiness plan and to decide if contributing to a supplemental retirement plan would be best for you.  They can also review investment strategies that will suit the level of risk you wish to take.

To schedule a meeting with a Fidelity representative, go to and click on the “Meet” link or call 800-343-0860.

To schedule a meeting with a TIAA representative, go to and click on “Schedule Today” or call 800-732-8353.

If you are enrolled in a Utah Retirement Systems retirement plan, you can schedule a meeting with an authorized URS representative by logging into your account with URS at

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your human resources team.

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