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Exploring majors at the U

Don’t miss the 2019 Major Expo. It’s your best chance to explore every major, minor, certificate and engagement opportunity at the U.

With more than 130 academic programs to choose from, finding your best match at the U can be a giant undertaking. In order to simplify the selection process for everyone, the Academic Advising Center hosts the Major Expo every fall.

Anyone interested in learning about all the 2019-20 majors, minors, certificates and engagement opportunities at the U is encouraged to attend the 15th annual Major Expo on Sept. 18, 2019, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the A. Ray Olpin Union Ballroom in the Union building.

This is the only event of the year where students are able to see and learn about all of the academic programs in once place. First-year students can find out about programs they didn’t know existed, and upper-classmen may discover they are already close to a double major or minor.

There is no need to make an appointment. Students will be able to talk to advisors, faculty and staff representatives in person about all of their options. First year students will also be able to sign up for their required academic advising appointment at the expo.

Avoid FOMO and ensure you are in the best academic program to match your skills and interests at the U.

Pro tips:

  • Bring a copy of the Major Expo Guide from the Sept. 16, 2019, edition of The Daily Utah Chronicle.
  • Get there early for a free T-shirt while supplies last.
  • Come ready to snack on free food.
  • Leave room in your backpack for fun giveaways.
  • Stay at least an hour to make sure you don’t miss a thing.
  • Talk to someone about at least one program you’re interested in. Try these ice breakers:
    • What can you tell me about this major?
    • What kinds of work do graduates usually do with this major?
    • What kinds of opportunities do students in this program have for research, scholarships or internships?
  • Keep track of updates or give a shout out to your favorite tables using #MajorExpo

Quotes taken from an anonymous student survey:

I liked that all the majors were together in one place so I could explore and ask questions all at once.  It was very convenient.

“I liked all the information that was given out by the representatives at the Major Expo. I felt more confident about narrowing down my choices for a major.”

I loved hearing about opportunities that I didn't know were available like the Bennion Center Scholars program and hearing more about majors I was interested in.