Science & Technology

Math student wins top undergrad College of Science research award

Delaney Mosier receives the honor for her work in the mathematics of sea ice.

ACCESS spring research symposium is virtual

This year, the ACCESS Scholarship Program is running its spring research symposium completely virtually.

Honoring Karl Gordon Lark

Renowned geneticist and father of molecular biology at the U passes away.

Games to lift your spirits

On April 22, at 11 a.m., EAE students will hold “EAE Launch 2020,” an all-day event in which they show off and discuss the games they have produced this year.

U designs innovative respirator system

The Center for Medical Innovation at U of U Health has designed a new filtered respirator system to provide health care workers safe and reusable PPE for working with COVID-19 patients.

ZAZ Corner, a digital gallery that showcases artwork on a huge LED screen in Times Square, displays a video of gold coins dissolving in a solution.

Reverse Alchemy

A huge LED screen in Times Square shows gold coins dissolving in a solution. York Smith, an assistant professor in materials science and engineering, facilitated the science behind the art.

Volunteer for COVID-19 Studies at the U of U

Learn how to volunteer for research studies related to COVID-19

Columns and rows of microscope slides, yellowed with age, containing male and female pairs of lice with descriptions of species, genes, location found, host and more info on their labels.

Discover parasite biodiversity from home

Millions of specimens are sitting in museums all over the world, but a lack of digital records make them hard to find and study. Help biologists discover parasite biodiversity.

U researcher helps track multidrug-resistant infections

Some multidrug-resistant infections in decline, study finds.

U of U Health and Intermountain Healthcare launch COVID-19 clinical drug trials

Trials to test the effectiveness and safety of hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin to treat patients with COVID-19.