Science & Technology

We are all mutants, more or less

Some parents pass on more mutations to their children than others.

Meteorites found in Antarctic icefield

A U-led search team recovers new meteorites originally from the moon.

‘Data Revolution’ solves current issues in chemistry

Part of three projects chosen nationally this year by the National Science Foundation, Matthew Sigman and his team will help create a new generation of data chemists.

Shortening treatment for lung cancer patients

New research at the Scientific Computing and Imaging Institute at the U helps to precisely target tumors in lung cancer patients using artificial intelligence.

Geology & Geophysics Open House

Do you like gemstones, dinosaurs or meteorites? Want to meet real rock stars? If so, geology and geophysics is for you.

Genetics and precision medicine grant

The U’s Genetic Science Learning Center was awarded $1.7 million from the All of Us research program.

Dedicated to protecting the night skies

The U-based Consortium for Dark Sky Studies launched the first issue of The Journal of Dark Sky Studies, a transdisciplinary journal to share art, basic science and conservation stories from the dark sky movement.

Does public transit reduce pollution?

New rider data shows how public transit reduces greenhouse gas and pollutant emissions.

Prenatal opioid exposure

A U study finds sparse data on how children fare after prenatal opioid exposure.

Utah’s red rock metronome

Seismic readings reveal Castleton Tower’s unseen vibrations.