Science & Technology

It’s game time!

Entertainment Arts & Engineering shows off soon-to-be published student video games.

How insects and bacteria control ice

New U research shows that organisms use special proteins to form or inhibit ice crystals.

New College of Science dean announced

Peter Trapa, current chair of the U’s Department of Physics & Astronomy, selected as the new dean.

U engineer receives $4.4M grant to enhance the city’s power grid

U electrical and computer engineering assistant professor Masood Parvania and his team at his Utah Smart Energy Laboratory (U-Smart) received a three-year research award.

Science ambassadors

A U biology professor stretches the possibilities of science communication by bringing the beauty of science to people and places that others have overlooked.

Power supply resilience

U engineer receives $4.4M grant to develop an automated resilience management system to enhance the city’s power grid in case of a power outage.

Reversing Photosynthesis

U artist borrows from nature to create award-winning photographs using no direct light. See his work at the Phillips Gallery in Salt Lake City until April 13.

Fruitful undergrad teaching

Professor Robert R. Kessler has been named to receive the IEEE Computer Society Computer Science and Engineering Undergraduate Teaching Award.

Restoring hearing loss

U engineers are part of team to improve technology for the deaf.

Best grad schools

New rankings from U.S. News & World Report are out—see how the U ranked in the 2020 “Best Graduate Schools.”