Science & Technology

Improving the odds of synthetic chemistry success

U chemists show how analyzing chemical reaction data can predict how reactions may proceed, potentially saving valuable time and resources in chemical research.

Researchers solve how cells unfold proteins

The structure found may be used to advance efforts in developing more effective inhibitors and treatment of cancers.

Beat the heat

University of Utah engineers develop a chip that converts wasted heat into usable energy.

Reversing prediabetes in mice

Results highlight a potential diabetes drug target and role for lowering total ceramides in the body.

A major merger

The U’s departments of Materials Science and Engineering and Metallurgical Engineering recently merged into a single academic unit.

Interim chair of the Department of Physics & Astronomy appointed

Professor Christoph Boehme was appointed as the interim chair of the Department of Physics & Astronomy, effective July 1, 2019.

Associate dean of faculty affairs for the College of Science appointed

Pearl Sandick from the Department of Physics & Astronomy was appointed as the new associate dean of faculty affairs in the College of Science, effective July 1, 2019.

Not a bunch of ‘croc’

U scientists have found that multiple ancient groups—including relatives of crocodiles and alligators—were not the carnivores we know today, but veggie eaters.

How trees affect the weather

New research led by U biologists finds that some plants and trees’ water use can make droughts more intense.

Fewer males born during periods of stress

Research shows fewer male babies are born in the U.S. during periods of environmental and ecological stress—a pattern referred to as male-biased fetal attrition or male-biased fetal loss.