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Humans of the U: Tom Mi

“Throughout my last four years at the U, I’ve gained an appreciation of the opportunities and experiences that I’ve had. From the friends and classes to the memories and goals, my time at the U has truly epitomized the college experience.

Photo of Tom Mi for the "Humans of the U" series, graduation edition.Coming in as a freshman, I had limited hobbies, connections, and uncertainty for the future. Since then, I’ve made friendships that will last a lifetime, picked up countless hobbies, been exposed to and gained appreciation for several different cultures, swam personal records, held leadership positions and so much more. While still not certain about what the future holds, I now have a sense of purpose and direction.

I’ve had the opportunity to give back to a club that has provided me with all kinds of opportunities and has truly helped shaped me and my experience here at the U. University of Utah Club Swim (UUCS) provided me with an opportunity to continue to pursue my favorite sport with schedule leniency, meet all kinds of people, provide an outlet, stay in shape, and provide structure to my daily routine. I had the honor of serving as men’s captain for two years and serving the first co-presidency in UUCS history with Maloree Barbera for my senior year. Through UUCS, I swam best times, something that I didn’t think I’d be able to do post-high school. I had an amazing co-president and Executive Board, which helped us set the precedent for hosting the first-ever College Club Swimming (CCS) Western Regionals Championship at the HPER Natatorium. We saw record-breaking membership on the team and performance at CCS Nationals. It was through UUCS that I was able to meet people who have similar interests as me and build some of the best and most genuine relationships I’ve ever had. It is truly something that has made college some of the most fun and best times in my life, to date.

Moving forward, I worry about losing the structure that school and swimming has provided. I am excited to see what awaits me next, despite how scary it may feel. I would love to pursue athletic training or grad school in nutrition. I have several personal goals that I’ve set for myself that I would love to see achieved.

The only advice I’d offer for incoming students; get involved on campus. Whether it’s sports clubs, Greek life, ASUU, intramural or whatever. These organizations will change your life through the people you meet and the opportunities they can provide. Don’t be scared of putting yourself in uncomfortable positions. This is where and when you can truly see yourself flourish.”

—Tom Mi, a kinesiology major and nutrition minor