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5 great reads to celebrate Women’s History Month

March is officially recognized as Women's History Month through presidential proclamation. This dedicated month serves as a tribute to the invaluable contributions of women throughout American history, celebrating their achievements, leadership and enduring impact on society.

In addition to the books below, check out the "History’s Sheroes" book display on level onethe revival of stories and legacies of remarkable women whose impact has shaped societies and cultures around the world. Find a book from the Marriott Library or the Eccles Health Sciences Library dedicated to honoring their invaluable contributions to our shared history.

"The Exceptions: Nancy Hopkins, MIT, and the Fight for Women in Science"

By Kate Zernike

This book chronicles Nancy Hopkins' pioneering efforts to address gender inequality in academia, particularly in STEM fields. It highlights her experiences with discrimination and her pivotal role in advocating for change at MIT and beyond. The book showcases Hopkins' determination to challenge systemic barriers and create a more equitable environment for women in science.

Check it out.

"A Thousand Sisters: The Heroic Airwomen of the Soviet Union in World War II"

by Elizabeth E. Wein

The inspiring true story of the female aviators who served in the Soviet Union during World War II. These courageous women, known as the Night Witches, faced incredible challenges and danger as they flew bombing missions against the German forces. Despite facing discrimination and skepticism due to their gender, these airwomen proved themselves to be skilled and fearless pilots, making significant contributions to the Soviet war effort.

Check it out.

"The Woman Who Smashed Codes: A True Story of Love, Spies, and the Unlikely Heroine Who Outwitted America's Enemies"

By Jason Fagone

A recount of the extraordinary life of Elizebeth Smith Friedman, a pioneering codebreaker whose ingenuity and resilience played a pivotal role in American intelligence during World War I and II. Despite facing gender discrimination, Elizabeth's relentless pursuit of breaking enemy codes alongside her husband William Friedman led to crucial intelligence breakthroughs that helped safeguard the nation.

Check it out. 


"The Agitators: Three Friends Who Fought for Abolition and Women's Rights"

by Dorothy Wickenden

Susan B. Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, and Harriet Tubman, whose friendship and activism reshaped American history. Through their tireless efforts in the abolitionist and suffragist movements, these women challenged societal norms and fought for equality, leaving an indelible mark on the fight for justice in 19th-century America.

Check it out. 

"Women in White Coats: How the First Women Doctors Changed the World of Medicine"

By Olivia Campbell

Celebrate the pioneering spirit of women who broke barriers to become the first female doctors. From Elizabeth Blackwell to Rebecca Lee Crumpler, the book highlights their resilience and groundbreaking achievements, reshaping the landscape of medicine forever.

Check it out.