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New ‘Utah Mag’ out

From vaping to stunt double alums, check out the latest issue.

The latest issue of University of Utah Magazine is hot off the presses. Check out the features, including how U physicians were on the front lines identifying and treating vaping-related illnesses, some unusual student jobs, and two stunt double alums.

Clearing the Haze

How U doctors made sense of the vaping health crisis

Sean Callahan had never seen a patient quite like Alex Mitchell before. Breathing devices were the only thing keeping the 20-year-old Provo man alive, and he was getting worse by the moment. But why Alex was in the University Hospital intensive care unit in Salt Lake City and not hiking around in the mountains—his favorite pastime—was a mystery.

Read the full story here.

Falling Down on the Job

You’d think Andy Jones BS’07 would develop a complex. Brie Larson brutally kicked him in the stomach, killing him, and Hugh Jackman stomped him into the ground. Kristina Baskett BS’09 doesn’t seem to be faring much better—she’s fallen off roofs, tumbled down numerous stairways, and been hurled through windows. Such is the life of a Hollywood stunt performer, where getting punched, kicked, and tossed off a cliff is part of the job.

Read how these two high-flying alums made it into some of the biggest Hollywood productions as stunt doubles.

They Pay Me to Do This

Campus jobs aren’t what they used to be

For many students, the University of Utah is a second home. They eat, sleep, study, and even work here. In fact, one in four undergraduates (about 6,000 students) are employed in one way or another by the U. These jobs not only help students pay the bills but also help get them on a faster track to graduation. Compared to their counterparts, students who are employed through campus jobs are about 12 percent more likely to graduate within six years or less.

From fish feeders to salt enthusiasts, meet some of our students with the most unusual, interesting, and rewarding jobs that leave them remarking, “Wow, they pay me to do this!”