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Statement regarding university contract with Banjo

The university condemns racism in any form.

Update, May 6, 2020: The University of Utah officially terminated its contract with Banjo on May 1. Previously, the company had access to computer aided dispatch from the U’s police department and a limited number of cameras (about 50). Student and employee info was never (nor was ever intended) to be shared with the company.


Today the University of Utah learned of deeply disturbing reports about past affiliations with white supremacy groups by the founder of Banjo. The university supports the Utah Attorney General’s plans for a third-party audit of the company and an advisory committee to review issues of privacy and potential bias related to the company’s use of technology. The university has an addendum to the state’s master contract and has suspended any activities with Banjo in line with the state’s action.

The university condemns racism in any form, including the actions and rhetoric of white supremacy groups, and is committed to creating an inclusive environment where there is no tolerance for racism or bias. The university expects this of itself and its business partners.