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New family and graduate student apartments available

In July of 2023, the University of Utah unveiled brand new apartments for university families and graduate students. Formerly known as University Student Apartments, Sunnyside Apartments is dedicated to providing quality housing to the campus community. Currently, there are three brand new buildings in the University West Village with available units. The Cottonwood buildings are available for families. Single graduate students can live in the Spruce building.

The Cottonwood Buildings offer students and their families modern amenities with close proximity to the University of Utah’s Main Campus. Utilities, internet, laundry facilities, and community programming provided by Sunnyside Apartments’ Resident Life Team are included in monthly rent charges. Playgrounds and gathering rooms are also available for resident use at no additional cost. Rent on these units varies based on size, and ranges from $1,390.00-$2,350.00 a month.

The Spruce Building offers many of the same amenities as the Cottonwood buildings. In addition, all apartments are furnished for single graduate students. Furnishings vary by unit, but typically include twin sized beds, chest dressers, coffee tables, living room seating, and standard kitchen appliances. Rent on these units varies based on size and ranges from $900.00-$1,490.00 a month. Students can rent by unit or by room.

The construction of the new buildings is part of a multi-year plan to provide additional on campus housing options for university community members. Construction on two additional buildings is currently underway in the West Village. Once complete, an additional 475 apartments will be added to campus for university families and graduate students.

For more information on these housing options, visit or contact Sunnyside Apartments at or (801) 581-8667.