Riley Black

A fossil skull of a dinosaur head, the allosaurus.

A love letter to science

Science is an idea that’s accessible to anyone, a process by which we observe, test and learn something new.

Egyptian art, with a woman in gold in a hieroglyphic style, with her arms raised high and her head looking left.

What would an ancient Egyptian date night look like?

Snag a date night box inspired by the “Egypt: The Time of the Pharaohs” NHMU exhibit.

A desert landscape with striped layers of sediment colors, from auburn to shades of brown.

Tracking fossils to follow Utah’s past climate

A paleontologist and her team documented over 600 new fossil finds from the Age of Mammals, a record in the multi-decade Uinta Basin Project.

Plants reveal how people lived in Bears Ears

Was this national monument “landscaped” for the use of the people?