Elizabeth Clement

headshot of Kristen Ries, honorary degree recipient

Timeline of HIV/AIDS research and treatment in Utah

On the 30th anniversary of a landmark AIDS research bill, four U researchers reflect on the history of HIV/AIDS research and treatment in Utah.


During the 2018 Sundance Film Festival, a documentary will premiere depicting the courageous story of physician Kristen Reis, a retired U professor, and her partner (both in life and work) Maggie Snyder. “Quiet Heroes” depicts Reis’ selfless career as the first doctor in Utah to treat HIV/AIDS patients at a time when others cruelly turned them away.

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The work of Dr. Kristen Ries and her physician assistant Maggie Snyder — the first Utah health care providers to treat patients with HIV and AIDS in the 1980s — will be chronicled in new oral history and special collections project at the U.