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U looks to set another enrollment record this fall

A record number of students are planning to go to the University of Utah. Again.

May 1 is traditionally “decision day” for U.S. colleges and universities. It’s the day students traditionally must pay deposits toward their upcoming tuition bills—an official marker of a student’s intent to enroll in the fall.

As of this Monday, approximately 6,100 students have paid deposits to attend the U during the Fall 2023 Semester.

“We’re headed for a four-peat of our record fall enrollment numbers,” said Steve Robinson, senior associate vice president for Enrollment Management. “Students from across Utah and the rest of the country are finding the university an accessible and affordable option. This is a good next step toward our goal of growing the university’s student body to 40,000 students.”

The university has set first-year class records each of the past four years, including in fall 2022 and fall 2021. Currently, nearly 35,000 undergraduate and graduate students are enrolled at the U.

Students who have paid deposits still must enroll in classes. Another count will be completed after classes start on August 21. The Utah System of Higher Education completes its official census of student enrollment in October.