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Student positions available in Center for Student Wellness

Eight paid positions are available for undergraduate students of all majors who wish to empower students to commit to their health and wellness through peer education.

Student wellness trends have shifted over the last three and half years due to the pandemic and programming for students are shifting to match changing needs. The Center for Student Wellness is transitioning its scholarship-based intern program, ACES Peer Health Education Scholars, to a cohort of student staff positions.

This transition will allow the Student Wellness team to:

  1. Compensate ACES students fairly for their work
  2. Provide more intensive education for ACES across multiple topics (harm reduction, mental wellness, violence prevention, sexual wellness)
  3. Offer closer mentorship for ACES students
  4. Develop ACES’ health education-specific skills
  5. Increase engagement between the ACES team and the student body

Who we are looking for

We are looking for undergraduate students of all majors who wish to empower students to commit to their health and wellness through peer education. Successful candidates will go through two rounds of interviews and must be able to attend an ACES staff training retreat the week before Fall 2022 Semester begins in August. They will also be expected to commit to at least one academic year to the position. Positions require 10-12 hours of work per week and will pay at least $13 per hour.

Students should complete this interest form now and the formal application link will be emailed to students in May 2022. 

Available positions

Two students will be selected to fill positions in each of the following four categories:

  • Outreach Coordinators will manage the ACES email inbox, monitoring it for incoming requests for tabling events, workshops and event collaborations. They will then work with the requestor to finalize details and add the event to the ACES calendar. Outreach Coordinators are also responsible for soliciting information from the requestor to tailor the content to the student group if necessary. Finally, they track the number of requested events and student attendance at each for data gathering purposes.
  • Event Coordinators will brainstorm engaging wellness-based events for students by collaborating with campus partners. They will play an important role on event planning committees for CSW campaign months like Suicide Prevention, Domestic Violence Awareness, Healthy Relationships, Harm Reduction and Sexual Assault Awareness. They will also be responsible for collecting and summarizing event feedback.
  • Marketing & Communications Coordinators will manage social media content and marketing and communications efforts. This includes designing marketing materials, promoting ACES events, written content for the CSW blog, podcast promotion and regularly scheduling content to post on social media accounts.
  • Podcast Coordinators will contribute to and help run CSW’s first-ever wellness-themed podcast. This will include researching episode topics, brainstorming potential guests, developing show scripts, serving as occasional co-hosts and editing and publishing episodes.

In addition to the job duties above, ACES staff will share the responsibilities of facilitating workshops and hosting events.

More reasons to apply

While the structure of the ACES program is changing, the nature of it is not. Students who join the Center for Student Wellness team will get hands-on health education experience from professional staff in a fun and supportive environment. Here are a few firsthand accounts from ACES alumni who were a part of the program:

“Being an ACES scholar was one of the best experiences of college. The program allowed me to grow as an individual and as an advocate to be compassionate and kind and to value the opportunities presented to teach people about health. As an ACES scholar, I experienced firsthand the gaps in the public education system and the inconsistencies in health education students receive across the U.S. Throughout the program I was continually humbled by the trust and curiosities peers had about sexual wellness, healthy relationships and what it means to look at health from a holistic standpoint. I take that learned humility with me every single day to the hospital in my nursing role. I am a stronger nurse, teacher and advocate for all my patients thanks to the ACES program.”

—Nene 2020

“I loved my time with ACES! I wish I would’ve been an ACES peer health educator longer during my time at the U. By being an ACES scholar, I was able to build my confidence in public speaking and social media by doing presentations regarding CSW content. I was able to build connections throughout the university and have made long-lasting friendships with other ACES scholars. It has informed my career path by allowing me to see what it is that I enjoyed in working alongside my peers in the realm of public health.”

—Leslie 2021

“Being an ACES scholar was one of my most memorable experiences in college. Although everyone from the team came from different majors and life experiences, we all connected over our passion for health and prevention. Through the program, I was able to network with many different organizations and people because of the presentations and tabling events. Overall, being involved in ACES has increased my interest in prevention and holistic wellness. For the longest time I have aspired to become a medical doctor. My involvement in ACES has spurred my interest in primary care because of the opportunities to educate patients on prevention and wellness from a holistic, values-neutral approach.”

—Maria 2020

“If I could describe in one word it would be ’empowering.’ It felt inspiring to see other ACES be passionate about harm reduction, sexual wellness or violence prevention. I found a community of fun, caring and supportive folx. I felt at home at Center of Student Wellness. ACES helped me understand the career I wanted after graduation. I’m going to miss ACES after I graduate.”

—Johnny 2021