Administration District Staff Excellence Awards

We are pleased to announce 23 nominees for the Administration District Staff Excellence Awards and extend our congratulations to each of them on their nomination.

Please join us in support of our administration district nominees as we recognize each of them and announce the five Administration District Award winners at an ice cream social at Rice-Eccles Stadium on Aug. 12 at 2 p.m.

The nominees are:

  • McKenzie L. Lewis
  • Dana W. Johnson
  • Michael Wolf
  • Corey T. Lester
  • George H. Sutherland
  • Michelle Westover
  • Kylie C. Roos
  • Shaleen W. Watkins
  • January M. Day
  • Michael Shane Holt
  • Valerie N. Johnson
  • Marci J. Barker


  • John M. Palo
  • Phillip Clair
  • Grant E. Krinke
  • Josh J. Liechty
  • Kirsten Allen
  • David S. Dewey
  • Wesley L. Stark
  • Vincent Wing Hang Lo
  • Andrew P. Jensen
  • Patricia A. Service
  • Christopher J. Strong