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Meet Matt Behan – Creator of Krystkowiakville

For anyone who knows Matt Behan, who studies business at the U, sports is essentially his life. He eats, sleeps and breathes for sporting events, as his nickname has become the “events guy” among his friends. Behan has been to some big sporting events, such as last year’s World Series in St. Louis, Bruins and Red Sox games in Boston and the Utah bowl game in Las Vegas, to name a few.

When things broke right for Saturday’s Utah and Arizona to have much major implications, Behan knew he had to act on it.

“This is going to potentially be a game that decides the Pac-12,” Behan said. “I said there’s no way I’m not getting front row for this. I don’t want to be up in the nose bleeds.”

krstykowakville-300x200Behan took the necessary steps to figure out the rules to camping out, but realized that he didn’t want to be alone. To garner some attention from his friends, Behan created a Facebook group that laid out an entire schedule. From shifts in line to time to go shower, Behan had everything planned out down to the tiniest detail.

After the win over the Sun Devils, Utah head coach Larry Krystkowiak mentioned how he had heard students were planning to camp out and said he’s going to try and accommodate those students throughout the weekend.

In honor of Krystkowiak, Behan has dubbed the line of tents outside the Huntsman Center, “Krystkowiakville,” tweeting that out on his personal account. Behan’s name is a play out of perennial power Duke’s playbook, as the group of students who camp out for Blue Devil games call themselves, “Krzyzewskiville.”

Some have called for a more original name — like what the athletics department has dubbed the tent city, “Camp Huntsman” — Behan likes his name the best.

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The origin of the nickname “Red Rocks”

Redrocks NameIn 1993, the Utah gymnastics team released a marketing campaign that featured the Ute gymnasts greased up and flexing.

It was the first sign of the “Red Rocks.”

“We did a little bit of a play with our gymnasts and how rock solid they are, but also the red rock of southern Utah,” Utah co-head coach Megan Marsden said. “So it was kind of a combination name that takes in the part of our country that has the beautiful red rocks and the plateaus and then our gymnasts and their rock solid muscles.”

At the time, the women’s athletics teams were all using the moniker of the Lady Utes, and that didn’t sit too well with the gymnastics team or its coaches.

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Through adversity, Dallas Carroll looks to make an impact for Utah

Serious injuries have been the story of plenty of athlete’s careers. Once suffering through one injury, there’s almost a sense that that athlete will be re-injured or just never be the same.
One such athlete is working to stay, not only on the field, but to stay healthy so he can be an asset to his team. That athlete is redshirt sophomore third baseman Dallas Carroll for the Utah baseball team. Carroll has suffered through a tough stretch of his collegiate baseball career and is now back in the lineup looking to make a difference for the Utes.

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