By James DeGooyer, alumni and public relations, College of Science

The College of Science has launched a new Academic Advising Hive. It’s a one-stop shop for student success.

The Advising Hive is located in the Crocker Science Center, room 240, and it’s open Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Advisors rotate on a weekly schedule, which is posted online at Stop by the Advising Hive open house on Thursday, April 12, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. for help with fall semester registration, and get free coffee, cocoa and cookies donated by Two Creek Coffee.

The college now employs nine full-time advisors. Previously, the four science departments (biology, chemistry, mathematics, physics and astronomy) had just one faculty advisor each.

“So, to have nine advisors, all focused full-time on student success, is a great improvement for advising in the College,” says Angie Gardiner, advising coordinator. “In fact, the College of Science has surpassed the guidelines given by the University to have one full time advisor for every 300 students.”

During spring semester, the college arranged for several campus partners to have space in the Advising Hive, including Career and Professional Development, the Honors College and Student Success Advocates. This provided an efficient resource for students.

“The spring semester advising schedule was a tremendous success,” says Lisa Batchelder, program coordinator. “We are planning similar strategies for the fall term.” 


A Mandatory Advising Plan, or MAP, recognizes key academic milestones in a student’s career and helps them plan ahead. At certain points in every student’s academic career, they are required to meet with an advisor to continue attending classes at the U.


Students admitted as new freshman and who are in their first semester of enrollment at the U are required to meet with an advisor before registering for their next semester (students who begin in the summer are seen in the fall).


Students with two or three prior terms of enrollment and 90 or fewer credit hours are required to meet with their major advisor. Students who have not yet decided on a major will meet with a Major Exploration advisor in the Academic Advising Center.


Students with 60+ credit hours and at least two prior terms of enrollment, who have not yet declared a major, are required to meet with their major advisor to declare the major, or with a Major Exploration advisor in the Academic Advising Center if they have not yet decided on a major.


Students applying for graduation must meet with their advisor.

Visit: for details.