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Ongoing investigation update

The latest update on the investigation into the reported sexual assault on campus.

The university’s primary focus since the Department of Public Safety was contacted about an alleged sexual assault on campus earlier this week has been to investigate the case, ensure the safety of campus, support the individual who reported the incident and provide all needed resources. Please understand these types of investigations take time for a variety of reasons.

With that in mind, it is important for our campus community to know the investigation into this incident is continuing. Police are working to generate leads and are reviewing all available sources of information. However, to protect the integrity of this case and the ongoing investigation, the university is not able to provide any additional details at this time.

The alert that was sent on Tuesday morning and the unanswered questions in this investigation understandably lead some to wonder why the alert was sent in the first place. Federal law requires a campus alert when there is a possibility of a serious or ongoing threat so campus community members are aware and can take appropriate protective actions. Campus police attempt to gather all pertinent details that might help the public protect themselves before alerting the entire campus community. However, in this case, that was not possible and it was determined the alert was optimal for public safety.

This will be our last update in the case unless new information becomes available that is appropriate to share publicly or if specific public assistance is needed. For now, only information from those who were in the area west of the Marriott Library on Monday evening is likely to be helpful and may be shared by calling 801-585-2677. Once the investigation has finished, we may be able to answer additional questions.

Since receiving this report, the police department has increased the number of police officers and security staff patrolling campus and available to provide courtesy escorts. Anyone who would like a courtesy escort should call 801-585-2677.

Counseling and support services are available from several entities on campus. They include:

The campus community is also encouraged to visit the website, which has comprehensive information about how to report incidents, where to get support and other resources and safety training available at the U.

The university is working to raise awareness about prevention, reporting and support resources, bystander intervention and self-defense training. April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month, an opportunity to unite to promote a culture of safety on campus. Informational events will take place both online and in person throughout the month, and everyone is encouraged to participate and learn more about how to step in and speak up to prevent sexual assault.