“I most admire Reid’s guts and perseverance, trying to make it big in Hollywood when the odds are one in a thousand and every audition carries the overwhelming probability of rejection. I also admire his courage singing before millions of people on national television.The whole family tried out for parts in a summer play, Fiddler on the Roof. Reid made it look so easy. I struggled with my little part as the constable.”

— Reid Ewing, chair of City and Metropolitan Planning in the College of Architecture

“My dad is a professor at the U and I think that must be a great job. If I were one and that was my calling, then I would put everything I had into my job like my he does. Although my dad has had a lot of success in his field, what matters more to me is having a family member I care about. We have had a lot of goods times together.”

— Reid E Ewing, actor (Modern Family 2009-2015) and U student majoring in English

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