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Get by with a little help from my friends

We called on our social media community for freshmen advice and words of wisdom came pouring in.

As Milton Friedman can tell you, there’s no such thing as a free lunch. That said, “free food is the best food.” At least according to Adam White, one of the scores who responded when we took to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn soliciting advice for incoming students. Adam also says to take advantage of all the perks and discounts available to students. The nuggets of wisdom from our virtual village ranged from the existential—”pay attention to the basics and master them” and “be prepared to not be prepared“—to the obvious, albeit potentially life-saving—don’t walk out in front of the TRAX trains.

Thanks to our social media community for their thoughtful pieces of advice. And freshmen, listen up (but, as Anthony Sadler says, “take advice with a grain of salt and then some”). Here are some of our favorites:

[bs_well size=”sm”]”Consider getting a longboard or bike. It makes traveling around campus a breeze!” -Daryl Bennett[/bs_well]

[bs_well size=”sm”]”Go find your classes before Monday morning. The first day is stressful enough, you don’t need to be worried about finding the classroom.” -Emily Timmins[/bs_well]

[bs_well size=”sm”]”Don’t be afraid to ask questions! There’s lots of helpful people on campus.” -Hilerie Harris[/bs_well]

[bs_well size=”sm”]”Know your schedule and the campus. Once in class seek out study groups, form friendships, ask questions, seek answers, keep your mind open to new ideas, concepts.” -Jack Homen[/bs_well]

[bs_well size=”sm”]”Take every class seriously! Every class that leads up to your degree will add another dimension or perspective to your life.” -Monique Middlekauff[/bs_well]

[bs_well size=”sm”]”Worry less about grades and more about learning. Take the toughest route at every fork. It’s up to you what you get out of your investment and the growth you receive is proportional to the work you put in.” -Daniel Rushton[/bs_well]

[bs_well size=”sm”]”Enjoy every day. The U campus is so special and beautiful. Don’t let worrying about classes get in the way of enjoying your time there.” -Gabriel Robinson[/bs_well]

[bs_well size=”sm”]”Meet as many people as possible. Don’t stay within your comfort zone. People will remember you, one day that could lead to a job.” -Becky Tutka[/bs_well]

[bs_well size=”sm”]”If the professor does not know your name by the end of the semester you just went from an A to A-.” -Beau William Lujan[/bs_well]

[bs_well size=”sm”]”Learn how to communicate with professors. Be direct. Save the questions that can’t be answered by a classmate or a TA for the prof. They will respect you more if you come to them with good questions. Developing a relationship with your profs (especially within your major) is key!” -Daniel Rushton[/bs_well]

[bs_well size=”sm”]”Remember who you are. Make friends with people that are out of your comfort zone. Take advantage of seminars and be good to yourself!” -Jim Hickman[/bs_well]

[bs_well size=”sm”]”Have a reasonable schedule for the first semester. Learn the system before going all in.” -Creed Wait[/bs_well]

[bs_well size=”sm”]”Tip the local waitstaff generously.” -Brian Hopewell[/bs_well]

For more first-year tips to succeed, check out the video below.