The Arts and U

Your Ucard is a free ticket to the arts at the U

There are hundreds of arts experiences on campus every year, such as modern art exhibits, sultry jazz concerts, poignant theatre productions, thought-provoking dance performances, film screenings, musicals, symphonies and more.

Your UCard gets you into all of them for free or deeply discounted prices. That’s why more than 120,000 tickets to students have been issues since 2011 through the University of Utah’s Arts Pass program.

There is more and more research showing the positive impacts of the arts on education. Exposure to the arts is linked with better critical thinking skills, greater social tolerance, a greater likelihood of seeking out art and culture in the future, and better workforce opportunities. Not to mention, they can make for more interesting dates than mini-golf.

The arts aren’t just beauty and aesthetic. They’re how we explore societal issues. They’re how we document our humanity. They’re how we express ourselves. They’re the common language we share when words don’t always suffice.

So, here’s the scoop: You can show up to the box office or museum (this includes events with the Departments of Art & Art History, Film & Media Arts, Theatre, the Schools of Dance and Music, as well as professional arts organizations on campus, Utah Museum of Fine Arts, UtahPresents and Pioneer Theatre Company), show your UCard and get access to all the art your curious hearts desire.

You can find out about box office locations and what events are happening when and where by visiting

This semester alone we anticipate issuing more than 10,000 tickets. Will you be one of the students who attends the ballet for the first time? Or will you cast your vote for the best student animated film? Or maybe you’re more into choral concerts or witnessing global artists you’ve never even heard of before.

Whatever it is, join us. And start thinking differently with Arts Pass. Your brain, your heart and your wallet will thank you.