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A sneak peek of U student documentary filmmakers getting to know Swoop through those who know him best.

For Swoop’s 20th birthday, a group of student documentary filmmakers set out to learn more about campus’s most beloved bird. The team took to the streets, interviewing those close with Swoop; those who know him best. They captured exclusive interviews with his girlfriend, boss, biggest fan and others.

The story of Swoop began to evolve as the team dug deeper into his life. What started as an effort to discover the story of a simple school mascot, turned out to reveal so much more.

Swoop is more than just a mascot, more than just a red-tailed hawk. This is the story of an icon. A true trailblazer. The bird. The myth. The legend.

The University of Utah will celebrate Swoop’s 20th birthday on Sept. 1, 2016, from 12-2 p.m. at the Campus Store and during half time at the first football game of the season against Southern Utah University. More details and full video coming soon.

To see more videos by U student Cooper Ferrario, visit his YouTube channel.