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Spring semester COVID-19 testing information

Asymptomatic testing now available for entire campus community.

Information about the U’s spring semester COVID-19 testing plan is now available online here.

In addition to enhanced testing for students living or attending in-person classes on campus, this semester the U is offering asymptomatic COVID-19 testing for all faculty, staff and students. Asymptomatic COVID-19 testing is available even if you have not been identified as having potentially been exposed to the virus by a contact tracing team but still have concerns and would like to be tested. This testing is not mandatory but offered as part of the university’s ongoing efforts to contain and slow the spread of the virus in our community.

The U will have two testing centers, one located in the Union Building’s Saltair Room and the other at the Officers Club in Fort Douglas. The availability of tests each week will depend on supplies and laboratory processing capacity.

As always, university students, faculty or staff with COVID-19 symptoms or confirmed exposure to the virus should immediately call the University of Utah Health and testing hotline at 801-587-0712 or click here to schedule an appointment for a test through University of Utah Health. The state’s coronavirus site provides information about additional testing locations. U of U Health faculty and staff with COVID-19 symptoms or confirmed exposure should call Work Wellness at 801-581-2227 (select option 1) before returning to work.

In addition to weekly testing for students living on campus, students visiting campus for in-person classes will also have the opportunity to be tested each week. Each Thursday throughout the semester students will be notified via their Umail account and text with information about how to schedule a test during the coming week.