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Senate Summary | Final 2020 Meeting

If you missed the final Academic Senate meeting of 2020, then read all the highlights here.

If you missed the Academic Senate meeting on Nov. 30, 2020, or need a refresher, then keep reading for the highlights from the meeting. For more information on the Academic Senate, click here.

Consent Calendar

Graduate Certificate in Latin American Studies

Claudio Holzner, the director for the Center for Latin American Studies Program, presented the following proposal:

The Latin American Studies Program (LAS) at the University of Utah (UU) proposes to offer a Graduate Certificate in Latin American Studies effective Fall 2021. The proposed Graduate Certificate is designed to enable graduate students who already focus their coursework and research on Latin America to demonstrate advanced language skills and area expertise to prospective employers through an approved certificate program. The certificate will be available to all graduate students across the university, including MA and Ph.D. students, and students in professional programs such as Law, MPA, Social Work, etc. The new certificate enhances the university’s international and global curriculum by creating opportunities and incentives for graduate students to deepen their expertise in Latin America and its languages, while still allowing them to complete requirements in their primary discipline with minimal or no delay in their progress towards graduation.


COVID-19 vaccines

A report on the COVID-19 vaccination program was given, which included information on the vaccine candidates and approval process, the prioritization phases and the timelines for receipt and administration of the vaccine. Read through the full presentation here.

Debate Calendar

ASUU Resolution: Students’ Well-being during COVID-19

ASUU Sen. Maeve Wall presented the following resolution:

This resolution asks that faculty and instructors consider a range of pedagogical choices aimed at assisting students’ learning during the pandemic. After an extremely difficult fall semester, students have written a list of suggestions for instructors to consider adopting in order to improve their experience during the Spring 2021 semester. In general, it asks for increased grace and flexibility for both instructors and students during this national crisis, in consideration of wellbeing and mental health. Some specific recommendations are: mental health days as excused absences, breaks during online instruction, and a “reading week” during what traditionally would have been Spring Break. Academic Senate is being asked to vote in support of these suggestions and to encourage University instructors to adopt as many of them as are feasible in accordance with their pedagogical and accreditation needs, in collaboration with ASUU.