Safe & Sound


Fires are a concern year-round, including the winter months. When fire alarms sound in a university building, all occupants must evacuate.  You need to be familiar with the sound of the fire alarm and the locations of pull stations in buildings you frequent. Learn how to operate these pull stations and do not hesitate to activate them in an emergency.

If an alarm is activated in your building:

  • If it is safe to do so, gather critical personal belongings such as your purse, wallet, keys and coat.
  • Exit immediately.
  • Close the doors to your area as you leave.
  • Ask visitors and guests to leave the building with you.
  • Evacuate to your designated meeting location outside the building.
  • Emergency responders will notify you when it is clear to re-enter.

Remember: Alarms are used for many reasons to quickly alert occupants to a life safety threat. Even if you do not see flames or smell smoke, it does not mean there is not a need to evacuate.