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Protect yourself from COVID-19 as temperatures drop

Many factors could impact transmission rates.

As our campus community prepares to spend more time indoors, some general public health refreshers might be helpful for students hoping to engage in activities, gatherings and socials. Salt Lake County continues to remain in High Transmission. A variety of important steps from university leadership are outlined here.

In addition to the above precautions, many additional factors could impact COVID-19 transmission rates. The weather will get colder, flu season, opportunities to gather indoors will become more frequent and opportunities to travel may increase. By continuing to model these public health best practices diligently, we will continue to be proactive in showing care for our community.

  • Feeling under the weather, or think you might have been exposed? Complete the Self Report Form for a possible exposure or confirmed positive test result.
  • Stay flexible in your planning, and mindful in your day-to-day activities as a student. For example:
    • Self-monitor regularly as a part of your daily routine and avoid coming to campus if you are sick. This includes checking in with yourself regularly, and recognizing any possible symptoms.
    • Support your peers if someone is in enrolled in “active-monitoring,” quarantine or isolation by doing the following:
      • Connecting with them virtually.
      • Reminding them of university resources and that they are not in this alone. In addition to a variety of resources (mental health, opportunities to connect, etc.), can be found in Student Affairs.
      • Modeling care and empathy.
      • Considering the use of virtual meetings upon returning from break periods until everyone in the group has received a negative test result, and/or using a hybrid structure for student meetings and gatherings.

Thank you again for your consideration of these best practices for the health and safety of our campus community. For questions, concerns or support, visit the campus coronavirus information page.