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Pride periodicals at the Marriott Library

The collections still need support from Utah’s LGBTQ+ community and anyone interested in preserving a cultural history for Utah Pride.

The J. Willard Marriott Library’s Special Collections Print and Journal department carries an array of information and history regarding Utah’s LGBTQ community and Utah Pride. Examples from the collections date to as early as January 1976. Editors of Salt Lick Magazine report on the naming of this important historical publication, offering a reflection of the environment at the time of the magazine’s creation. “Due to absolutely no response from members of the gay community of Salt Lake, the Board of Trustees of the G.C.S.C. brainstormed the name of the Salt Lick for the paper.”

Recent additions to the collection reflect increasing community interest in Utah Pride. This is particularly evident in materials related to the Utah Pride Festival. The Utah Pride Festival is a work of love put together by the Utah Pride Center. It receives crowds of support every year with ever-increasing interest and attendance.

The Special Collections department strives to stay current with growing trends within the LGBTQ community, as well as keeping a much-valued history concerning the development of the LGBTQ community in Utah and the Western United States. While Special Collections Print and Journal collections are supported by several publications that include Salt Lick Magazine, Pillar of the Gay Community, Salt Lake Metro, QSaltLake, Lavender/Pink/Q Pages phone books and several newsletters and programs held in Print and Journal Vertical Files, our collections still need support from Utah’s LGBT community and all those interested in preserving a cultural history for Utah Pride. Special Collections Print and Journal welcomes any donations involving the LGBTQ community and Utah Pride which will help complete our Print Archives and Ephemera Collections. Programs, flyers, and magazines are always of value to Utah’s cultural history.

Please visit the Special Collections Reading Room on level four of the Marriott Library:

  • Monday-Friday | 8 a.m.-6 p.m.
  • Saturday | 10 a.m.-6 p.m.