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New @theU look

You'll notice @theU has a new look and feel. Take a minute to familiarize yourself with the updated newsletter and website.

You may have noticed that @theU has had a facelift. Rest assured that though it looks a bit different, @theU is still the highly visual and engaging online campus news hub you’ve come to know and love.

“The new website and newsletter reflect feedback we’ve received from our campus community over the past four and half years since @theU launched,” said Janelle Hanson, @theU managing editor. “Our readership continues to grow every year, but we often hear from people that they don’t know what the administration is saying or what’s happening on campus. @theU is the place for students, staff and faculty to find out what’s being said and what’s going on at the university.”

What you need to know about @theU and why you should read it.

  • @theU comes to your email every Monday morning.
  • You can always go directly to to get the same information as the newsletter.
  • @theU provides you content from across campus, including presidential messages and statements from the administration.
  • Read about the unique life experiences of the U’s students, faculty and staff through @theU’s Humans of the U profile series.
  • You can find out about events, research, awards and recognition, infrastructure updates and so much more by reading @theU.