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U’s Teaching & Learning Technologies department provides audiovisual equipment free of charge for classes, can create course development videos and more.

By Emily Rushton, communications specialist for University Information Technology Strategic Communication

You’ve probably heard of Teaching & Learning Technologies (TLT), the university department of instructional technologists, media specialists and IT-systems professionals that collectively supports faculty, students and staff across campus. What you may not know about is the wide range of services that TLT provides – and today we’d like to tell you about two specifically.

Portable Audiovisual and Video Services
Students, faculty and staff can utilize TLT’s portable audiovisual equipment and video services completely free-of-charge and video services at a discounted rate (for course-related use) in any location – on or off campus. For non-course use, there is a nominal rental charge for A/V and video services are full price.

“This service is especially useful for faculty that need to present or record in spaces that don’t have pre-installed A/V,” said Adam Stewart, associate director for TLT’s Operations team.

Typical clientele includes faculty, staff and official campus student organizations. In fiscal year 2015, TLT provided recording services to 876 class periods as well as an astounding 4,118 course-related equipment checkouts.

Perhaps one of the most interesting features of the service is the frontline operation of equipment rentals being run entirely by student employees – 11 part-time camera operators and five part-time audiovisual couriers.

“Having students fill these positions has been fantastic,” said Stewart. “It’s a natural fit.”

TLT typically requires a week’s notice for video services, which allows them to add the class or event to their schedule. For portable audiovisual equipment rentals, they only need 24-hour notice.

If you’re a student, staff or faculty member with audiovisual or video needs, simply visit this page and fill out the order form.

Course Development Video
Since January 2015, TLT has been working directly with its instructional designers, along with faculty, to create video content specifically for UOnline courses.

“A few courses ran for the first time this past summer,” said Erik Hjorten, associate director for TLT’s UOnline team. “This fall semester, we have even more courses running.”

TLTThe videos are primarily shot in-studio and incorporate full post-production editing and graphics. Additional footage may also be shot on-location, depending on the situation.

“For instance, we might film student or faculty interviews in an office or classroom, or shoot a practitioner working in the field,” said Stewart.

“In general, feedback on our new online courses has been very positive,” added Hjorten. “Faculty have seen more interaction from the students, and the learning outcomes are now measured more effectively.”

The most notable difference between TLT’s standard video production services and the Course Development videos is the availability of instructional designers.

“The designers work with faculty members weeks or months prior to production, to help them map out their content and hone it into short modules that are designed for online viewing,” said Stewart.

TLT uses an agile course development process when working with faculty, which allows constant communication about the types of activities, assessments and interactions the faculty member can expect to see in the course.

“One of the biggest benefits of this approach is that we are able to stay better informed about the expectations of the faculty member,” said TLT Director Jon Thomas.

If you’re a faculty member and think your department might be interested in developing course content for UOnline, submit a contact form and someone from TLT will get in touch with you.