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Humans of the U: Majd Subih

“I joined the U last July and was drawn to the interdisciplinary approach of the U’s Disability Studies program, where I am furthering my research on disability in Arab communities in the United States. Right now, I am focused on reworking and publishing my dissertation, which discusses culture and physical barriers within Arab American communities. It is important to have accessibility that is culturally responsive.

I also am working on a few other collaborative projects, including looking at the history of mental illness in the Arab American community, conducting interviews for further research and writing a book manuscript based on my master’s thesis.

And I am teaching classes, including “Bad Bodies,” which is a class that explores the intersections between gender, disability and other more to understand why some bodies are treated as “bad” or “deviant.” This spring, I am teaching “Introduction to Disability Studies,” which takes an interdisciplinary approach to the many aspects of disability in the U.S.

I really love being part of the community in the School for Cultural and Social Transformation. When you come to a brand-new place it can feel lonely or scary, but I found the environment extremely welcoming. I was able to make connections, find people who are honest and open with me, and feel a sense of belonging. I hope to be able to stay at the U and in Transform, creating more community and expanding her research.”

— Majd Subih is a disabilities studies postdoctoral fellow in the School for Cultural and Social Transformation.