HR Updates

Staff Excellence Awards

By Jess Hampton, human resource administrative manager.

Congratulations to all 24 District Staff Excellence nominees who received recognition at their district level and joined us for the luncheon.  From this pool, eight were honored as University Staff Excellence Awardees.  Each receiving a plaque & cash award from the U.  The Human Resource Management website will highlight the award luncheons with photos soon.

The University Staff Excellence program is the culmination of nominees called from the four districts: Academic & Student Affairs, Administration, Hospital & Clinics, and Academic Health. We thank all the chairs in each district and their review committees for taking the time to thoroughly review each nomination to honor our staff at each district level.   

President Pershing, thank you so much for all the years you have honored our awardees by attended our University Staff Excellence Luncheon.  You, along with your leadership team, have given time and financial support to make sure this program continues to thrive. 

We are already working to update and improve the program for next year to make it easier to nominate staff and highlight this year’s awards. We are striving to get more nominations every year so we can spotlight staff who go above and beyond their job expectations.

The 2017 University Staff Excellence Awards was the first program since Terri Crow retired this past May. A big shout out goes to the many years she handled this program with grace, organization, dedication to the departments, staff, and her positive guidance before leaving.

It’s an honor to pick up where Terri left off, and to help facilitate this program. I am excited to continue to highlight the excellent work done by our staff, here at the University.