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Proud of the College of Social Work

A couple years ago, faculty and staff at the College of Social Work decided to add a new service component to their annual holiday party — a food drive on behalf of the Feed U Food Pantry.  They packed large boxes of their donated beans, soup, pasta, tuna, fruit and vegetables and cheerily hauled them off to help U students experiencing food insecurity. 

The college’s employee-driven Feed U food drives have since become somewhat of a tradition, with collection efforts expanding to other events, including last month’s staff retreat.  “I am very proud to see the social work profession’s values of service and compassion reflected in the generosity of the college’s faculty and staff,” said Martell Teasley, dean of the College of Social Work.  “It’s remarkable to see the many informal ways U employees are committed to serving our community.” 


Employee Appreciation Day couldn’t happen without the help of generous U employees who volunteer one or two hours of their time during Employee Appreciation Day. All volunteers receive a T-shirt and a pair of athletic tickets. Volunteers are still needed for this year.

To volunteer, please fill out this form, where you’ll be able to choose the time of day that works best for you and the type of work you’d prefer. A committee member will respond to confirm your assignment.