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Home Away from Home program enters second year

U Alumni is gearing up for the second year of Home Away from Home, an innovative housing program that pairs students with alumni, staff or faculty who want to give back and earn extra money. The program offers a unique chance to build meaningful relationships, creating a home away from home for students.

“The most surprising part about being part of Home Away from Home has been the relationship I’ve gotten to foster with my host… essentially, I expected to have a university-approved landlord and instead I got a friend and mentor that really loves and cares about me and wants to advocate for my success. That’s the most surprising thing about being part of this whole program is what I gained from it all, outside of just a place to live.” —Emma, Home Away from Home student

Throughout the matching process, hosts and students are given the freedom to set criteria to determine their match. Participants complete profiles describing themselves within the Forever Utah Alumni Network and communicate with potential matches and choose who works best for them. This matching process allows both parties to find someone they can relate to and feel comfortable with. Both sides go through a background and reference check process, ensuring that the experience is safe and enjoyable for all involved.

To participate in the program, the host must live in the home and provide a separate furnished bedroom, access to or separate kitchen, bathroom, internet and quiet study area. The cost for the program is $2,600 for the semester. Students pay the university, and the university pays the host. For more information or to apply, click here or contact