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Our thoughts are with the people of Texas and Louisiana as they begin to rebuild their lives in the wake of the storm’s destruction.

The terrible devastation and death caused by Hurricane Harvey in Texas and Louisiana is heartbreaking. Our thoughts are with the people of both states as they begin what is likely to be a months-long effort to rebuild their lives in the wake of the storm’s destruction.

We have identified 260 students attending the U who are from areas declared disasters. Our enrollment office has been in touch with these students to offer support, counseling and answer any questions they may have. Our University Counseling Center is available to help anyone affected by the hurricane; if you would like to speak with a counselor, please call 801-581-6826 to schedule an intake appointment.

In addition, we have 4,787 alumni and 927 former students in or with connections to Texas who have potentially been impacted by this event. In Louisiana, there are 324 U alumni or former students. We want them to know the thoughts and sympathies of the U community are with them.

On Aug. 29, the Utah Disaster Medical Assistance Team deployed to Houston to provide medical help. This 36-member team of experts is led by U anesthesiologist Steven Bott and includes U nurse Annette Matherly. We are proud of them and grateful for their willingness to serve in these difficult conditions. We know they will be immensely helpful to the people in Texas and we hope you will keep them in your thoughts, too.

Many of you may be wondering how you can help — and undoubtedly some of you have already given support to relief efforts. We encourage you, if you are able, to work with any of the charitable organizations who are assisting in this disaster:

We, as a country, are at our best when we come together to support one another and this historic catastrophe gives us an opportunity to demonstrate that strength and unity.


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