Virtual coursework creation help

Need help creating virtual coursework? Or maybe you’re working on your capstone project. Librarians in Faculty Services have created plug-and-play pages to help faculty as well as undergraduate and graduate students with their teaching and research. Visit their Marriott Library Online One-Stop Resource page to see their work and see how the library can help with your research.

From this main page, the librarian team of Lorelei Rutledge, Alfred Mowdood, Tallie Casucci and Donna Ziegenfuss, have created several other pages catered to specific needs of classes. One such module was in support of the students at the Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute. On the usability of this page, Anne Bastien, program director of Lassonde, said, “That was so helpful. [It was] clear, warm and easy to follow. I am happy to share any/all resources with these students and encourage them to use them over time. Truly, I appreciate your dedicated partnership and support of Lassonde students!”

Their page titled “Library Resources for Student-Athletes“ supports students, with a specific lean toward student-athletes. “No one in the Pac-12 cares more about the student-athletes than [Alfred and Tallie],” said Mary Chris Finnigan
, the director of academic services for student-athlete support. “You give us the tools to help our students be successful, so you are a big part of our record-breaking semester and ongoing success.”

These modules are just a few examples of content that can be helpful in curricula development as well as research and writing. Other librarians in Graduate and Undergraduate Services can help you too.

Contact any of the librarians to receive assistance on how you can incorporate these into your teachings.