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Catch up on the campus-wide work being led by Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion at the U.

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) wishes to thank those who joined the EDI Open House on Tuesday, April 6, 2021. Those who were unable to attend can watch the main session above.

The EDI division spans across the entire university system, leads this work for the U and is a resource for students, faculty, staff and trainees. Its mission is to serve as a catalyst for transformation toward diversity, equity and inclusion as an embodiment of the university’s core values with the ultimate vision of establishing a culture of belonging throughout the university and to become a model for equity, diversity and inclusive excellence.

At the recent EDI Open House, EDI shared its vision and direction of One U Thriving and how to draw connections between the unit and divisional strategies across the University of Utah. Moving forward, EDI will create a space where teams can share successes and challenges and where people from across campus can have an open dialog and support one another’s efforts in the shared goals of becoming an anti-racist campus.

Find resources and projects mentioned at the open house below.

EDI Executive Committee

Comprised of 20 faculty and administrative thought-leaders from across campus, this committee was asked to examine institutional policies and practices that perpetuate racism, bias and systemic inequity in the recruitment, hiring and advancement of staff and faculty. Six subject matter experts are also helping provide guidance to subcommittees.

 The four focus areas included the following:

  • Racial and bias-based trauma
  • EDI pedagogical development for university instructors
  • Supporting affinity groups
  • Targeted staff recruiting to increase diversity outreach

Link to the EDI Executive Committee’s recommendations now available here.

Learn more here.

Introducing the EDI Strategy Council

In response to numerous requests to address structural inequities following the aftermath of the George Floyd murder, the EDI Executive Committee was formed with a specific charge and a short timeline. Now we are prepared to set the path going forward to align with the  2025 strategic planning documents.

The EDI Strategy Council will be comprised of a point of contact/lead person from each college, division unit and organization across the U system. The charge of the ongoing steering council is to participate in the development of an EDI roadmap for units and colleges to use as a guide toward meeting the EDI goals of Strategy Refresh 2025 for both the U and U of U Health.

Health Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

The Office for Health Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (OHEDI) operates within EDI. Its mission is to create an inclusive climate while also addressing health and education inequities within the University of Utah Health (UUH).

An inclusive climate is vital to the intellectual rigor, commitment to excellence and the social fabric of the University; preparing faculty, staff, students and trainees with evidence-based skills necessary to provide high-quality and high-value care in a world defined by cultural and intellectual diversity.

Learn more here.

School of Medicine’s Office of Health Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

The Office of Health Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion at the University of Utah School of Medicine strives to be an integral part of the community as well as a valuable resource for its students, staff and faculty. Along with finding information on the various outreach programs provided to elementary through high school students statewide, you will also find valuable resources both on and off campus for undergraduate students, as well as medical students, residents and fellows.

Learn more here.

New Leadership Academy

As a new arrival at the University of Utah, the New Leadership Academy Fellows Program (NLA) changes the expectations that surround leaders, leadership and leadership development across higher education. The learning strategies informing the program’s curriculum are premised on a recognition that the demographic, democratic and discursive foundations on which modern higher education has been built are changing. As colleges and universities respond to these environments, leaders will require specialized knowledge and tools, as well as the personal and professional courage to be effective in what are clearly complex and highly contested environments.

The NLA curriculum and learning objectives draw upon traditional leadership theory and contemporary scholarship that investigate the roles of leaders under highly contested and complex conditions. Fellows will participate in tailored programs and activities which include online learning modules and discussions, an interactive case study simulation, written reflections and coaching sessions throughout the fellowship.

The NLA 2021-22 cohort application will be available spring/summer of 2021. Learn more and submit your contact information to be notified when the application is available here.

One U Thriving

One U Thriving is the platform by which EDI communicates the vision of the university for equity, diversity and inclusion. It is where we will ensure students, faculty, staff and trainees feel a sense of belonging and have a voice to help bring about racial healing and transformation, respond to racist and bias incidents and help to shape our journey as we achieve the goal of an anti-racist, diverse, inclusive, accessible and equitable campus.

One U Thriving brings together four existing campus working groups:

  • Anti-Racism Committee
  • Racist & Bias Incident Response Team
  • Presidential Commission on the Status of Women
  • Universal Design and Access Committee

Learn more here.

I Am U Thriving

I Am U Thriving is a visual story campaign that focuses on the individuals that comprise our diverse One U community. Photos are taken of individuals holding whiteboards with their own handwritten narratives about who they are, what they have overcome and what they know to be true about themselves. The photographs highlight and validate the experiences of our community members, particularly those of color and other marginalized populations on campus.

Learn more here.

Black Advisory Council

This council will partner and collaborate with University of Utah administration and advise the vice president for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion in the recruitment and retention of Black students, faculty and staff while supporting their continued growth and addressing the ongoing climate of the Black community at the U.

The Black Advisory Council will consist of two co-chairs, a secretary and a historian elected by the body of the members of the council. One co-chair will be elected from staff/faculty and one student from the U student body who will also serve as the vice-presidential intern to the vice president for EDI. Membership will consist of ten individuals representing various departments and associations across campus.

David Eccles School of Business EDI Committee

An EDI committee at the David Eccles School of Business began working in June 2020 to chart a path forward to build a more inclusive culture at the school. They created a framework with two overarching commitments that will guide their work, ensuring equitable systems and fostering an inclusive environment in order to support a vibrant culture that welcomes, celebrates and respects all experiences and identities.

The plan is not meant to be exhaustive, but rather provide a framework for the Eccles School community departments, programs and units to develop specific and measurable plans for developing a more inclusive Eccles future.

Learn more here.